Friday, June 04, 2010

Coming out in Comics: Where lesbianism leads to violence

From Green Lantern vol 2 3, issue 93 (1997).  It's Halloween, it's a Green Lantern story, so we must create a story with a bad guy picking on some innocents, in this case, fellow tenants in the apartments where Kyle is renting:

It's great to see background characters who are gay.  Unfortunately, presenting them in such a scenario as this tends to reinforce the idea that being a lesbian is fraught with difficulties and pain.  In this case, people want to murder you because you're gay.  I prefer stories such as these where sexuality is incidental to the narrative.

This is not say that there isn't room for stories which look at homophobic violence, just that the particualr way it is framed above, is not my favourite way of doing so.

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