Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wonder Woman and Lois

I was re-reading the Wonder Woman trade Paradise Lost a while ago and came across the story at the end where Lois accompanies Diana on one of her day's work.  Lois starts off the day skeptical and uncomfortable because she feels inferior to Diana.  During the day Diana lets slip that she and Clark, (or Kal as Diana refers to him) spent 1000 years in Asgard together.  Here is the scene where this occurs:

I particularly enjoy this because it seems to me such an obvious thing to feature.  Of course Lois is threatened by Diana, she's Wonder Woman!  And of course Diana and Superman have adventures and fights that Lois will never ever be a part of, not in the same way.  There isn't a huge amount of (DC superhero) comics discussing female friendships (it was a hot topic a while ago) so it's really good to see something like this.

At the back fo the trade was also this cover from presumably the same issue:

Done by Adam Hughes and I just love it.  By Clark's expression you just know that Diana and Lois are swapping embarrassing stories and they aren't gonna finish for a really long time.


Red said...

Makes me want to pick up Wonder Woman, especially as novelist Jodi Picoult is writing the stories now. However, I really wish they'd come up with a different costume for WW. And I'd like to hear some of those stories Lois and Diana are dishing about Superman.

Saranga said...

Oh god no don't pick up Picoult's Wonder Woman, it's awful. I sold my issues I was that disgusted by them.
Picoult is a good novelist, but she doesn't get Wondy.
She did about 6 issues I think, and now Gail Simone is writing the monthly ones, who by all accounts is much better.

I do have Wondy stuff to reccomend, so stay tuned. I'll also post some pics of her in her battle armour, because it's fantastic, and some pics of when they changed her costume, which was dire.

SallyP said...

Absolutely one of my favorite Hughes covers.