Friday, November 13, 2009

Superman memorabilia - nostalgia for Christopher Reeve

Today, I'm in a very good mood and just generally pleased to be alive.  Happy Friday everybody!  Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy this post that's been lingering for a few days or so.

I first saw the Superman movies as a child and I remember being absolutely blown away.  I was certain this was the coolest thing I have ever seen and that nothing would ever top it.  I loved the first film so much I even liked all the sequels, even number 4, with Nuclear Man.

Watching the movies again as an adult, I'm struck by how long the title sequences are, but also by how good the films still are and how much they evoke the same feelings I had for them as a child.  Yes, even movie number 4.

Some films just have an immeasurable effect on you, and for me, the Christopher Reeve Superman movies did just that.  So, when I saw a commemorative booklet for the first movie on sale at an indoor flea market type place, I bought it.  Here is the cover:

First up we have a list of the credites for the movie:

This list goes over 4 pages, but another picture would be kind of boring.  Then there's pictures and short biography's of each of the major characters.  Interestingly enough, first up is Marlon Brando, than Gene Hackman, and then Christopher Reeve:

Here's the text piece about Reeve, hopefully if you click on the photo you can read it:


 Next set of info is is a 2 page spread of the general cast  :

I personally think Margot Kiddo deserves a bigger piece than  she's given.  She *is* Lois and without her the movie would have been very different.  I wouldn't say bad, because I've also seen some of Stockard Channing's audition tape for the rol of Lois (I think it was included on one the DVD releases), and she would have made an ace Lois, but not as good as Ms Kidder.

Next 4 pages detail the Presenter, Director, Producers, Composer-Conducter (also did the themes for Star Wars and Jaws), Production Designer, Costume Designer and Cinematographer.

Next page is a still from the Zod/Ursa/Non trial:


I don't think I can express how much I loved the Zod/Ursa/Non stuff.  I am so glad Non has been brought into the DCU proper and I love seeing key bits from the movies referenced both in the comics and Smallville.

Next up is stills and info on the destruction of Krypton and baby Kal El's journey to and arrival on earth, and  other key bits and action shots from the film.

The mending the train line sequence!  My FAVOURITE part of the film.

And the villains.


For 8 pounds, I'm very happy.  Now if I could just find one of these for the Supergirl film I'd be over the moon.

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wiec? said...

this is a pretty awesome find!

i just bought all 4 of the original movies on one disc for less than $10 dollars. a smell a marathon brewing.