Sunday, November 22, 2009

Comic reviews – week of 20th Nov 2009

I’m in something of a peculiar position this week.  I bought 6 comics, and have no desire to review any of them.  All but two were Blackest Night related, and overall, not particularly good.

Superman/Batman # 66 is a BN tie in, and by bringing it into current continuity it immediately lost it’s charm.  In addition to this, it centred on Man-Bat, Solomon Grundy and Bizzaro.  3 characters I loathe. Too bad we’ve got another issue of it.  The Outsiders #24 is also a BN tie in, and was utter crap.  D list characters I have no feelings for and a dull story.  But at least I got a ring.  REBELS #10 was interesting, but I haven’t been convinced into buying any more issues.  Again, I bought this to get a ring.  The last BN tie in is Adventure Comics #4, and at last!  A worthwhile issue!  It centres on Superboy Prime being his usual bratty self, back on earth prime, and is fun!  Alexander Luthor returns as a Black Lantern and breaks through the space-time barriers to torment and kill Superboy Prime, bringing a few other Black Lanterns with him.  I wonder how the regular folks of this earth, essentially our real world earth, will react?  Will they think it’s a reality TV show with good special effects?  Will they think it’s a film?  Will they run in fear?  Will they ignore it all?  What would you do?

As for the non BN ones, Supergirl # 47, the one with the Hamlet cover, was a good read and all, I just miss reading about Kara.  The last Kara centric issue was where she developed the Linda Lang identity, but since then it’s been all about New Krypton.  I want to read about Supergirl again.

For all that griping, the very final purchase was spectacular.  It was The Flash: Rebirth #5, and was so good I am going to re-read the mini and then do a special post dedicated to it.

I hope your comic weeks were better than mine.

On the plus side I expanded my ring collection.  This is a picture of what I like to call my tree o' stuff.  It's a candle holder, that isn't very secure for candles and now gets everything hung on it.  There are 6 rings hung there, although the Black one is sort of camouflaged.

The Wonder Woman circle (at the bottom) is made out of felt and was given to me by the lady in my comic shop last January - she made loads of them with varying hero symbols and hung them on their Christmas Tree in the window.  When I asked if she was selling them she made one specially and gave me one!

The rest of the stuff is mostly for my hair, although the lil witch was a Christmas prsent from a friend last year, and looks unannily like me.

Y'know, my tree o'stuff shouldn't be more interesting than my comics.


SallyP said...'s a very NICE tree!

Saranga said...

Thas' true. Altho I think 'gaudy' is a more accurate adjective. This gives further credence to my theory that I am a reincarnated magpie.