Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bad girls go breil

Is this advert for real?

I cut this out of a magazine a year or so ago.   The fridge poetry obviously didn't come with the advert, but i feel it fits in rather well.

Anyway, just look at that there advert.  It's a heavily made up woman, in bra, gloves and jewellery, seductively eating spaghetti.  Or doing her best to eat it it seductively anyway. this turning anyone on?  Does spaghetti make you want to go buy expensive jewellery?  Does the sucking of spaghetti give you the horn?  Is spaghetti linked with being a bad girl, or is it just the lip action that makes her bad?


Up until half an hour ago I half suspected it was a joke, a mocked up advert poking at fun at other adverts.  then I googled it and found out that it is a real brand.

This advert truly makes my head spin.  It is sublimely ridiculous, which is why it is stuck on my fridge.

If anyone can explain how they think this advert will succeed in making you buy the jewellerry, please let me know.
Maybe it was created as a joke, a spoof for red nose day, or eat more 'ghetti day or somrthing.



Feminist Avatar said...

Man! Now I want spaghetti for dinner.

notintheface said...

This reminds me of the old "Family Guy" sketch with the diamond commercial where you see a male silhouette and a female silhouette, and the male gives the female a diamond necklace, and then you see the female silhouette start to go down, followed by the caption "DIAMONDS -- She'll Pretty Much Have To".

The "Family Guy" commercial was more tasteful.

James Ashelford said...

A woman looks at me like that in such a situation my fist thought would not be "jewelry" or "getting lucky tonight" it'd be...

"I've undercooked it, haven't I?"

She just looks supremely annoyed.