Friday, February 06, 2009

Supergirl Tonner doll

Oh that is beautiful But at 200 dollars it's not gonna happen...damn exchange rate.
not buying stuff has gone out the window when i look at this doll. It's a good thing I'm not rich.
She looks like she's gonna stomp you in the ground if you even look at her funny.
(Found on the Supergirl Comic Box commentary blog)


Hepburn said...

I don't know, it kind of looks like a model of something Beyonce will wear in her next video.

Anj said...

I agree ... absolutely gorgeous ... too expensive.

Maybe when I win the lottery.

Saranga said...

But Hepburn the face is pretty well one - it has character. Especially when compared to most other dolls/action figures/statues.
I really like the lace up boots. And I'm fan of the current Kara's costumes, for her I think it fits.
(Word verification - kucheabl - sounds like a description of the current Kara!)

Hepburn said...

What!!! Are you saying that Beyonce is not pretty and does not have character!!!! I am shocked and chagrined! ;)
It tis pretty but I could totally see Beyonce dressing like this, and the doll reminds me of her.
I don't mind Supergirl but I am an Amazon at heart.
I honestly hope that someone gifts one to you! :)
Ciao Chica!