Friday, February 06, 2009

JLE! JLE! JLE! (and Buffy, Terror Titans and Supergirl Cosmic Adventures)

I got round to reading JLE stuff again. It’s still very good and is still making me chortle. Particular favourites have been issues 20 and 24. Number 20 featured Basil Fawlty as an inept British hero named The Beefeater – complete with ridiculous traditional regalia – who managed to blow up the embassy. Number 24 featured Tremors style giant earthworms controlled via the medium of a massive tuning fork. Yeah that’s right, a TUNING FORK. To top this off, Captain Atom destroys one giant worm by diving down it’s gullet and exploding him from the inside. Gross, yet pretty darn cool.
I’m also loving the cat, and the issue in which the cat was introduced, the number of which I cannot recall right now.

Power Girl is a very angry woman in this, which initially we were led to believe was because all the men were letching at her. Apparently the real reason is that the chemicals, or artificial sweetener in all the diet soda she was drinking was affecting her womanly superpowered body and so giving her the rage. Similar to Dr Light having an allergic reaction and going all moody. This revelation led to a detailed discussion and a couple of issues looking at what it means to be a woman and what a woman's power is. Yeah I know, very odd. It didn't really work and came across very cringeworthy, maybe it's cos of Kara's I hate teh menz themed anger. Possibly that was just the diet soda talking. She's definitely more interesting without the rage.

Oh yeah, and Hal Jordan turned up for 3 issues. Can anyone tell me why his ring didn't work on an earth based monster? Cthon was it's name.

Then there’s adverts. Specifically this advert:
What the fuck??? Did anyone ever eat this? Did it taste as horrible as it looks? And what the fuck does brand sweetened mean? Is that code for really cheap sugar? Or does it mean twice as sugary as your average breakfast cereal?
Christ, who has marshmallows for breakfast anyway?! Y'all must have been bouncing off the walls after that.

Spoilers now ahead for Buffy #22, Terror Titans # 5 and Supergirl Cosmic Adventures # 3
Buffy # 22
Wow, that cover art really looks like Kennedy. It’s got her expression just right, the mouth and the eyebrow are spot on.
This issue was made of so much awesome. Vampire stuffed toy kittys coming to (un)life and jumping down your throat to suck out your blood from the inside!!!
A nice pep talk from Kennedy to Satsu about how Buffy isn’t gonna turn gay. Although this did seem to imply that Satsu and Kennedy are the only two lesbian slayers in the army, which seems kind of odd.
And a marriage proposal in the letters column! Oh but that was so sweet, I hope she says yes. There will be updates on the Buffy section of the Darkhorse website and I for one, will definitely be checking to find out the news.

Supergirl Cosmic Adventures in the 8th grade #3
This continues with the cute. Favourite line? “Oh no! The meteor energy and the kryptonite combined to turn me into pure cheese! I’m too delicious to live!”
In my mind, the meteor granting everyone different superpowers is a definite nod to Smallville. Me likes.

Terror Titans #5
Maybe I’m just really tired today but I’ve got no bloody idea what’s going on with this mini anymore. I thought the Dark Side club was tying into Final Crisis (what with the name and all it seemed like a reasonable assumption). But it seems now that the real motivation behind the Clock King’s action is that he finds it all amusing. But I still don’t’ know what he’s doing! I think his new minions who have been fighting in the arena are going out to create havoc upon the earth, but havoc doing what exactly? And where? And it wasn’t exactly clear what Rose was going to do when she busted her way out. It doesn’t make sense and my brain now hurts. I’ll re read the lot when the final one is out next week and we’ll see what I make of it.

I also got Superman Beyond part 2 but haven’t read it yet. I expect I’ll need a run up to it because I think it will be quite dense. Hopefully it will make FC # 7 clearer. I did like FC, and FC Revelations but was rather confused about some aspects.
FC Revelations featured a VERY Bad Ass Power Walk from Renee and Helena. I shall try to scan it in at work and post up the panel, along with the Peej/Terra slashy moment from the Terra mini. Just because I like it.


Diamondrock said...

Guilty as charged... I used to eat that TMNT cereal. In younger days I was a big fan. I was always bouncing off the walls anyway, though...

I understand that they're still called "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles" on your side of the pond. Can you confirm? :-)

L. Clarke said...

G,day I have written a sci-fi novel called Doom Of The Shem. Some of the main characters are women, so you might be interested. There are two nurses, friends thrust togeather by conflict, who battle the horrors dealing with war victims brought about by an alien invasion. They are split apart by their love for helping humanity in its final hour. One nurse finds love while
the other is captured and taken for butchering into supermarket shelf products for an alien empire or worse, genetic tampering to turn her into a slave creature of the invading alien nasties. Does she escape, can the aliens be stopped.

Hepburn said...

Thanks for the Buffy review/preview thing, but I must say this... I HATE KENNEDY WITH THE HEAT OF A THOUSAND SUNS! She is such a Clot Eared Bint, I loathed her in season 7 and she was a main reason I skipped most of it!I mean Willow goes to her after the wonderful Tara?? Come on!
I was aching for the Big Evil to off her! Maybe's hoping! :)

Sea_of_Green said...

I think Hal's ring not working had something to do with Cthon being a magic-based creature. But the old JLE series had a lot of continuity/explanatory problems in its stories, unfortunately. Hal comes back after a while, though -- and brace yourself for all the Power Girl/Aquaman/Hal Jordan angst! :-)

Saranga said...

Ah thanks Sea!
I have now finished the series and did enjoy the angst. I may put up some scans. Involving Hal getting hit (because why not?!).

@Hepburn: Ah no I like Kennedy! Possibly partly because she carries off braces very well. But more seriously, she's got a good presence and doesn't angst. Which makes a nice change from other characters.

L Clarke: sounds interesting, I may scoot over.

Diamondrock: They were def called hero turtles in the 80s..tbh I'm not sure if they still are or not..

googum said...

Did I eat the Turtles cereal? I've eaten a ton of random licensed nonsense over the years, so maybe. I loved the Spider-Man cereal, and still have a mailaway bowl from it for my breakfasts.