Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Smallville Se8 Ep08 Bloodline

Kara came back! And then left again :(
I liked this episode. Clark and Lois get sucked to the phantom zone and stumbles upon Kara. they manage to send Lois back to earth but she gets possessed by Fayara (Thayara?), Zod's missus.

Chloe enlists the help of Green Arrow (still hot and in costume this time) to steal the computery type spinney metal hoop thing to help her read the super computer that is the crystal, in order that she can steal Clark back from the Phantom Zone. He also brings Kara back.

Lois-as-Fayara meets Chloe and Tess Mercer (separately) and finds out that mystery dangerous ambulance driver man (remember him?) is her and Zod's son! Dun dun DUN! I prefer this version of Zod's offspring to the Christopher Kent comic version offspring.

Kara gets a crystal from J'onn J'onzz (offscreen) and sucks the phantom Fayara out of Lois, who has just shoved Clark out of a 6 storey hospital window. He broke a car when he landed on it.

Tess Mercer gets more suspicious re Clark and Lex's disappearance. Lois loses her memory of being in the phantom zone, mostly. She's convinced it was a(n?) hallucination. How convenient. Kara advised Clark that Lois can handle his secret then flew off to find Kandor.

Kara shone in this episode, she really did.

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