Monday, February 16, 2009

Link time

For want of being able to write something properly have some links:

Reveiws of Dollhouse
Has anyone reading watched it? What's the verdict? I haven't had time to get past Season 8, episode 7 of Smallville so am seriously missing my trashy telly fix. Except I did watch about 4 episodes of Buffy yesterday (seaosn 5, 3 more to go till the end). Buffy is a crap sister to Dawn, she doesn't listen to her and ignores her questions and Dawn's attempts to understand her mother's death. No wonder Dawn acts like such a child and takes to stealing things.
The episode where they deal with Joyce's death moves me to tears more and more very time I see it.

A UK black woman's reaction to Obama as President.

Real life has been pretty busy lately and it's all I can do to catch up with my blog reading. Oh well, hopefully all this hard work will pay off.


Feminist Avatar said...

Yeah, I watched it... I quite enjoyed it, but the ethical implications are horrendous. Elisha Dushka is effectively a human doll who has her own personality removed and new personalities (stolen [? or at least taken] from real people) reprogrammed into her so she can service the rich. The questions raised are, of course, if she cannot give consent is it slavery; is it rape (I would say yes). But the show (in the first episode) is not exactly advocating this as ideal or moral or even ethically ambiguous- or I didn't read it that way. She appears to have consented to make herself a doll in the first place, but it was to get her out of jam (what that is and to what extent we can call this consent etc is not yet revealed). She is starting to have flashbacks, which I imagine they will develop in future episodes.

I guess ultimately we need to see how this grows- is the firm the bad guys; is she going to become human? It has potential, but the juries out.

Admiral Drax said...

Talking of links, I've been enjoying this sporadically. You might like it - it has a Batman reference. Oh, and for the Crispy One, even a Fallout 3 reference:

Miss you guys...

- Chris.

Saranga said...

Drax you are quite correct the boyfriend did enjoy it. He grinned and everything!

Avatar: Thanks for the rundown :)