Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bad eyes, December shopping and plans for new posts

Over at Supergirl Comic Box Commentary the following picture was posted:

I was convinced that Babs was giving Matrix Alfred...Then I read the text to go with it and saw that it's actually Luthor. Which, while making far more sense isn't half as much fun as Matrix wanting Alfred for Christmas.

In what I bought in December news, I suspect that it being Christmas helped me not buy crap for myself. Or that it'd true that I mostly just buy comics. Anyway, here goes:
  • Presents for family and friends - mostly new stuff but also containing edibles. Mostly bought form small independent local shops.
  • Wrapping paper - I've always thought this was a total waste but people get the hump if you present them gifts wrapped in newspaper or plastic bags. So I bought yellow wrapping paper with dinosaurs on, from a local independent department store. :D
  • 2 birthday cards for the same person as I lost (and then found) the first one. Doh.
  • 3 second hand comic trades for me
- JSA Presents Stars and Stripes, which I haven't actually finished yet.
- 52 the Companion, Great. The Black Adam, Steel, Renee, Animal Man and Booster stories are all worth reading.
- JSA Ghost Stories. Also very good. Lots of Power Girl, alternate universe Superman and Lois, an unenlightened Ma Hunkel, lots of Jay Garrick and some beautiful art showing the highwayman when he was young.
  • Underwear for me - definitely allowed as I can't buy that second hand.
  • Train tickets.
  • Many comics, both new ones and also old stuff bought from a friend.
  • Food and drink. So much spent on food and drink.
  • 2 new books bought for myself when I was getting my Dad's Christmas present. Books are a weakness of mine, and I didn't want to wait to get them out the library. Not really any excuses there. Especially when I finished them and saw how little space I have my book shelves. when did that happen? I haven't bought books regularly for months.
Anyway, the first book was the Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millar, which was rubbish and will be heading to the charity shop very shortly. The second one was The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyenenko which was very very good. I saw the film a year or so ago, but didn't follow it very well, and I have been put off reading the book because my past experience with Russian novels is they are very difficult to read because of the style of writing and the translation. Not so with this one. The translation is excellent and I couldn't put it down. Highly highly recommended.

  • A comic book box. I have run out of space on my shelves. That box filled up very quickly with my oversized UK comics (original 1980s Thundercats run and some 1990s Superman titles). I need to get a second one now and all my minis and one shots will be put into that one, leaving shelf space free for the ongoing series. So I'm trying to convince myself that as these boxes will help with freeing up space and are practical they don't count as useless junk and so are allowed. And they are better than using any old box as they are the perfect size.
I think that's everything I bought. I think I didn't do too badly.

Plan for new posts include one but more likely two on Spoiler, also reviews of the last batch of new comics I bought plus the second hand ones bought off friends. It will be a long review list.

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