Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm going out...

in manchester. actually I went out. it was fun. Manchester is good. affleck's palace is really bizzare but I got a very good little gothic dress from there. i went to stay with a friend, we went out to a club and i got to wear leopard print and dance like a moron. all in all a fun night.

today shall be the death of capitals.

i have recently read:

was by geoff ryman
the child garden by geoff ryman

i am currently reading the anubis gates by tim powers. i hate detective time traveller novels. it's all very boring.

was is only slightly in the fantastical genre. very depressing. good tho. the child garden was a bit heavy going but reccomended. inspired me to get a copy of milton's paradise lost. tried reading that on the train but it wasn't working. anyway will read paradise lost next.

have been outbid on a bunch of thundercats comics on ebay. don't think i really wanted them anyway.

now off to talk to the boyfriend in the bath. rowr.

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