Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The art of dressing up

I like dressing up. Whether it be in daft fancy dress or just making an effort ins oem way. It makes clothes fun and I enjoy that.

I am going to a fancy dress party on Saturday, I am probably going to go as Kat Slater. Mostly becasue the theme is TV and film people and I can't think of anyone else to go as. At least, not any that aren't expensive. Of course, this plan may be scuppered due to my hair. My hair which is long enough to tuck into my pants (i'm so proud!) but which is unfortunately a bit long for dear old Kat.

I am now off to see if it is possible to plait sections of my hair then pin it to my head, then I can get a wig. If this doesn't work, I shall hire a crap costume, or go as a pink lady. Then I cna wear my pink lady shoes which will make me happy. :)

Damn stupid long hair. Maybe I could go as the alternative Rizzo.

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