Wednesday, May 17, 2006

man, I want comments

I want to feel reaaaal popular. However, if you conisder the fact that I haven't told anyone about this blog, or at least the name and whereabouts of it, it is somewhat unlikely, hmmm?

or well. I have been plagued by ulcers. Well one anyway. But it's big and mean and ugly and was causing no end of grief. I hate the little sods. I have been getting them since I was about 11. When I would get so many I couldn't move my mouth to speak. Thankfully they are nowhere near that bad anymore. And bonjela does actually help. I have been thinking about possible causes of my ulcers and have come up with the following:
biting my lip (check), coca cola, toothpaste, acidic fruit, chemical sweets (check), stress (check),
hormonal changes caused by the bleed.

Some possible cures:
salt (no way in hell, salt water (check - sort of), bonjela, (again, a sort of check), calming down (check) and obvisouly stopping doign whatever is causing them.

Even changed my toothpaste to a lovely fennel one but I think it's still got the ingredient in it that can cause them. Arse.

Basically they can't be cured and I will suffer forever. Can't even kiss the boyfriend properly when I have them.

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