Saturday, January 17, 2015

Smallville reading order and pull list

Do you remember last week-ish I was asking about the reading order of the Smallville comics?
I tweeted Bryan Q Miller about it and he confirmed this is the reading order:
Guardian Detective Effigy Haunted Argo Valkyrie Olympus Hollow Titans Alien Harbinger Lantern Chaos Continuity

So now you know. Looks like I got Titans and Alien mixed up, and Effigy and Haunted mixed up.

In terms of my pull list I've put all the Convergence titles on there...because I miss the pre 52 books, so fuck it, why not..

There are 40 tie ins and 9 issues of the Convergence series. A twitter friend said he thought the tie ins were all double shots which makes this 89 issues,.... 'eck!

I'll just sell on the ones I don't like ;)

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