Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Linky time

Look, here's a great post of the vast majority of skirt, bag, dress, shoe etc styles:
There's a few styles missing, but the vast majority are there.  It looks useful for when I want to start making clothes.

Alternate universe Harry Potter where Aunt Petunia takes him in and loves him:
It's beautiful and gut wrenching and well worth reading.

A North Korean defector's view on The Interview:
Really interesting.

A really, really good dahl recipe:
Seriously good.  Seriously seriously good.  The recipes on this woman's site are great - always tasty and simply to do (at least I've chosen the simple to do ones - I leave the complicated ones!)


Georgie said...

Ah thanks lovely! Means a lot.

Saranga said...

You're welcome!