Friday, October 04, 2013

Couch to 10k: Week 12, session 2

Because I’ve got an extra week before I do my race I’m veering away from the training programme a little.  I should have done:  43 min. Run 10 minutes. Walk 1 minute. Do this 3 times. 
I did 4 rounds instead of the 3 rounds.  Incredibly slowly.

Really, today should have been titled How Not To Do A Running Session.
So I got up at 6.  Had a breakfast of porridge and then left the house 45 minutes later.  Thing was, I was still pretty full from yesterday’s dinner so ended up feeling a bit sick as I was running.  This made me slow down to a snail’s pace.  My stats for today are 3.68 miles in 44 minutes, at an average speed of 5.01mph.  The first mile was done in 10 minutes 36 seconds.  The second was done in 12 minutes 2 seconds and the third mile was done in 12 minutes 38 seconds.  That’s pitiful.
I decided to wear a long sleeve top as I imagined it would be very cold at 7.05 in the morning.  It wasn’t. It was humid. I got quite hot.  I should have worn a vest.

Seriously, this was a badly planned session.

Wildlife: I saw a ginger cat as I was running.  I also came across a dog that was proper growling and barking and so I stopped till the owners had called it away.  Bah.  I also got a few threads of spider web across my face as I was on the heath.  That was interesting.

I plan to go out again on Sunday morning and do week 11’s third session again.  Then next week I will do the week 12 running as they advise.  Although I might increase the 50 minute run to 60 minutes.  We’ll see.

A reminder that the running programme I am using can be found here.

A reminder that I am using this training as an opportunity to raise money for the Abortion Support Network who provide funds to Irish women so they can travel to England and access safe, legal abortions.  You can sponsor me here or donate direct to ASN - see info on their website.

Funds raised to date:
£41 from me - I'm donating £1 for every training session I complete, plus an extra quid for every additional session at the gym.
£161 from some amazing sponsors.
Total: £202

Gift aid: £40.25
Total including gift aid: £242.25  And yaayyyyy I've exceeded my target!  Thank you all ! So pleased!

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