Saturday, October 05, 2013

Comic reviews

Spoilers ahead for Green Arrow 24, Savage Wolverine 9, Marvel Knights Spider-man 1, Batwing 24, Forever Evil 2.e GA title.

I would give you photos but blogger is not uploading my pictures. Grr.  Last week I got Ultimate Spidey (boring), Revival (not as good as other issues but still pretty good), Lex Luthor (good but forgettable), Black Adam (good and I remember some details), Doomsday (origin for Doomsday and young Kara - aces), First Born (good) and Adventures of Superman (fab).  I talked about them on Radio Bamf episode 30.

Green Arrow 24
Thought I'd give this a whirl again.  It was much better than I expected.  Jeff Lamire is doing good things.  Shado is in it, I guess she was introduced to the New 52 in this series.  Turns out she slept with Ollie's Dad, got pregnant and now Ollie has a half sister.  I'm interested as to when she did this because she looks around the same age as Ollie.  The art is nice enough.  There is one spectacular page that I tweeted.
I got the Count Vertigo one shot for Villains Months and tho I don't remember the details of the issue, I know I enjoyed it. 

I see a fella from the Arrow telly show has been introduced - Diggle.  I know nothing about him.  I must ask people who watch it.  This issue also introduced the new 52 Clock King, who so far looks 150% more interesting than the last Clock King.

I might add this title to my pull list.   It was a very pleasant surprise.

Savage Wolverine 9
I understood from Jock's (the writer) twitter feed that this arc features Wolvie in the future when humankind has evolved whilst his healing factor has meant he hasn't.  I didn't see any of that in this issue.  It was OK, but I think will benefit from being read in a trade. Currently, Logan has been dropped from space to a planet (possibly Earth, probably not) and landed on the back of a big caterpillar monster and ordered to kill it.  Then a little boy turns up and everything becomes More Mysterious.

I'm not sure if I'll bother with the next issue.

Marvel Knights Spider-man 1
This is good because of the art.  It reminds me of David Mack's Echo: Vision Quest.  There's so much on each page and not really any panels.  It's wonderful to look at.

As for the story - Peter answers an ad for a photographer.  Goes to the house, meets Madame Web then starts hallucinating and fighting monsters.  Gets instructions from Arcade that he's got to fight 99 of his villains in a set order or Arcade will detonate a huge bomb.  I have no idea who Arcade is.

I don't think the story is very popular but as the art is so good I am going to request the other issues get added to my pull list.

Batwing 24
This, along with Marvel Knights and Savage Wolverine, has a gorgeous cover.  The book intrigued me, I think it was pretty solid, but I'm not sure I'm feeling the love enough to read more of it.  I expect I'll periodically catch up with on comixology. There was a great scene where Batwing brought out a weapon that lets out loads of little bat shapes which stick to the villain (in this case Lady Vic) and poison the victim with fear gas.
On that note, Lady Vic - why the hell hasn't she been given a better costume and not, for instance, a poxy bikini?  Ugh.

Forever Evil 2
This is another surprise hit.  It's a straightforward villain story and it reads like the creators are having fun with it.  The Teen Titans set off to rescue Nightwing.  Ultraman is a controlling bastard.  Superwoman and Owlman discuss their baby gestating in Superwoman, and wonder what they'll do when Ultraman realises it's not his.  Superwoman and Owlman's relationship reads as loving, as opposed to the pre 52 version where she was written like a prick tease who enjoyed playing the two off against each other.
Green Lantern appears to be infected by his ring and I have a theory that it is at least partially Kryptonite.  Lex Luthor has been cloning Superman again and because of the Crime Syndicate's demands has decided to let the clone out early.  Ergo, we have the new 52 Bizarro who doesn't speak backwards, in fact he hardly speaks at all, instead he just growls, sort of.  He goes 'rrrr' a lot anyway.  I prefer this version.  Top marks to whoever came up with this new version - Geoff Johns I expect.

Other than this week's bought comics I'm catching up on old comixology purchases - it has been post crisis 80s Action Comics for a while, and also going back to those boxes of free comics I got.  I'm on Legion of Superheroes at the moment, just before the 5 years later series.  Yes yes, I know I read it out of order.  I think this series is dross.  There is nothing to attract me to it.  I now have just The Magic Wars arc to read then I can move on to more enjoyable comics.

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