Friday, January 04, 2013

Not a Wonder Woman Wednesday

This image has so many things right with it.  Her pose, her strong, muscular, powerful back and arms.  The intense emotions of regret and sadness.  But then Ed Benes goes and ruins it by exposing her arse.  If he had just given her some pants that covered her arse cheeks, this would be beautiful.  Unfortuantely the emotion and power is mocked by Benes apparent pathological need to display women's arses.

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Shelly said...

It looks like her shoulders and upper back are a man's. I'm still working on how her back and butt are thrown back so much with her waist so far forward. I can't do that pose, but then, I'm nowhere close to being muscular. I like that it's a strong pose, but it doesn't look like a woman, except for the waist and butt. I agree with the butt comment. There's no reason for a female's costume to not cover her butt cheeks at least partway.