Monday, January 28, 2013

Gym update

Went to the gym again too - I didn't make it much over December and most of January, for various reasons, but went to Body Balance today and I actually feel good about it.  I like my legs.  I hate my belly fat, but I'm sure that I looked thinner than less week (probably it was water rentention last week, but psychologically looking less fat helps), my balance is improving (very slowly) and I am able to extend my legs a little bit further.  They aren't straight yet, but they are less bent than they used to be.

I feel good.

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Rachel said...

Well done for sticking with it! I am in a similar position - started going to a new gym two weeks ago after not going since September. I'm trying to concentrate on building strength (and getting a bit fitter) and ignore the idea of losing weight and I think that helps me.

I've been in the dumps lately about a health issue that means I'll likely get fatter soon whatever I do, but I'm feeling a lot better after working out today. (Probably I had a similar water-retention thing going on last week. It definitely doesn't help.) Thank you for the plus-size underwear models link you posted on Twitter - it really cheered me up!

Good luck with the gym. I hope you can keep it up as much as you want to.