Thursday, November 22, 2012

Free music!

Hi all.  I've not been around lately because I've been away with work and this week I moved house.  After the move I cleared out a lot of my CDs and books and am not getting rid of a lot.  Given that there's no point listing them on ebay I figured I'd see if anyone reading this wants any.  They are mostly a mix of metal, punk and indie (this list gives you an insight into my musical taste!)

All of the following are without cases, if actual albums, or in a plastic sleeve if copies.  The free promo cds are in their original sleeves.  I'll send them wherever you are, and may ask you to pay postage (it will be about 80p per disc I reckon) and possibly donate some money to a charity of my choice (ASN, the RSPB's Albatross campaign, or Leeway Women's refuge).

If you want any of these email me on paicomics at yahoo dot co dot uk
Otherwise the copied CDs are getting binned and the rest are going to a charity shop.

(edited to take out the claimed CDs)

ABC/ID records - The psychobilly singles collection (Album, Copy)
Astrid - Boy for you (Album, Actual)
Audioslave   - ??? (Album, Copy)
Bad Religion - The New america (Album, Copy)
Black, Frank - Pistoleros (Album, Actual)
Clint Boon Experience, The compact guide to pop music and space travel (Album, Actual)
Cop Out - Free compilation (Album, Actual)
Dark Star - Dark Star promo cd (Album, Actual)
Deftones Promo cd – no idea what album (Album, Actual)
Demented are go - ??  (Album, Copy)

DJ Shadow - Endtroducing (Album, Copy)
Doors - Greatest Hits (Album, Actual)
Doves - Lost Souls (Album, Actual)
Dubstar - The self same thing (Single, Actual)
Echo & the Bunnymen - What are you going to do with your life? (Album, Copy)
Evanescence - Fallen (Album, Copy)
Goya Dress - Rooms (Album, Actual)
 Hatfield, Juliana - Bonus enhanced CD for some album
Junkie XL - Big sounds of the drag (Album, Copy)
Kerrang - Pinnacle Independent noise (Album, Actual)
Live - Throwing Copper (Album, Copy)
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Have a ball/are a drag (Album, Copy)

Metal Hammer - Brutal bunch 3 (Album, Actual)
Metal Hammer - Killing Cuts 6 (Album, Actual)
Metal Hammer - Killing Cuts 4 (Album, Actual)
Metal Hammer - Hammered vol 6 (Album, Actual)
Moby - Play (Album, Actual)
New to Q - Free compilation (Actual)
Orton, Beth - Central Reservation (Album, Actual)
Orton, Beth - Trailer Park (Album, Actual)
Orton, Beth - Daybreaker (Album, Copy)
Patrick Jones - Commemoration & Amnesia (Album, Actual)
Pennywise - Straight Ahead (Album, Actual)
Placebo - Sleeping with ghosts (Album, Copy)
Prodgy - Music for the jilted generation (Album, Actual)
Punk compilation - Made by a friend (Album, Copy)
Punk compilation - Made by a friend (Album, Actual)
Radio Kerrang - Free compilation (Album, Actual)
Radio Kerrang - Free compilation (Album, Actual)
Radio Kerrang - Free compilation (Album, Actual)
Red Hot chilli peppers - By the way (Album, Copy)
Reel Big Fish - Why do they rock so hard (Album, Copy)
Reel Big Fish - Turn the radio off (Album, Copy)
REM -  don't know which, but it has everybody hurts on it (Album, Actual)
Rock Sounds - Free compilation (Album, Actual)
Scarfo - Alkaline (Album, Actual)
Sebadoh - III disc 1 (Album, Copy)
Segovia ( Album, Copy)
Shed 7 - ??? (Album, Copy)
Smashing Pumpkins - ??? It's the one with Siva and rhinoceros on (Album, Actual)
Soundgarden -??? (Album, Copy)
Soundgarden - Louder than Love (Album, Copy)
Sunday Times - freebie 30 years of punk (Album, Actual)
The Beach Boys -  Best of?? (Album, Copy)
Tura Satana - ??? (Album, Actual)
U2 - The best of (Album, Copy)
Velvet Revolver - Contraband (Album, Copy)
Weezer - The Green album (Album, Copy)

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