Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hormone power

If your power is to produce hormones to make men (and only men, not women, it stated that in the text) crush on you and do your will, then why would you dress like that?  You could wear a bin liner and your power would still work.

Bad logic comic costumers.


Korvar The Fox said...

Well, the cutouts do give somewhere for the pheromones to escape from - they won't do her much good trapped in a plastic bin bag...

But of course, the real reason is otherwise the readers wouldn't realise she's sexy. And that Just Wouldn't Do.

DAJB said...

You know, I think her secret identity may be Debbie Harry.

She DID wear a bin liner back in the day (to perform Atomic, if I remember rightly) and, you're right, many hormones were indeed affected!