Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today is Ostara - the Spring equinox.  Usually on these days I write a little blurb about the festival and how I feel about it.  I remember last year I felt kind of odd around this time, and I wasn't entirely happy with my decorations.  They didn't feel right.  I wonder if it was because during my reading around the day nothing really jumped out at me.  Maybe it is because over the Spring/Summer months it seems like the festivals seem to come really thick and fast - Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Lithia and Lughnasa all seem to occur within a few weeks of each other.

Ostara is a Spring festival, by this point we are in full Spring mode.  But for me, Spring starts at Imbolc, and that makes me far far happier because I really dislike the cold winter months.  Having said that, it is now much lighter in the evenings and I get to walk home along the river and admire all the lovely daffodils.  That makes me smile.  I know that March is the time of the hare (native to the British isles, unlike the rabbit), but I so rarely get out into the countryside proper I haven't seen one in years.  This makes me sad.

Ostara is supposedly a day of balance - when the night and day are usually, but not always, of equal lengths, but I don't feel balanced, not like I do at the Autumn equinox.

Something about Ostara just doesn't agree with me, and I haven't worked out what it is.  Nonetheless, I am still celebrating, because everyone likes a celebration (I have another reason as well, but we'll get to that later!)  As I write this during Monday day I am planning what we are going to eat tonight.  On Sunday night I made rhubarb crumble so that will be pudding.  For mains I shall make pea and lemon risotto, braised leeks for the boyfriend, possibly quiche or possibly just hardboiled eggs (although some chickens lay in winter, most give up during the dark months and start laying eggs again around this time, eggs are also a traditional symbol of life and rebirth), beetroot dipped in salt, purple sprouting broccoli, grated carrot, fennel and green leaf salad.  Perhaps with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.  Possibly we'll start with cheese on biscuits.  We are going out tomorrow night, hence the celebratory dinner tonight.

As for other reasons to celebrate, one of my friends got married on Saturday and put on a fabulous day.  That is reason enough, but then on Sunday my sister gave birth to her first child!  It's a girl child, she's 2 weeks early but all are well.  I haven't seen her yet and won't do until Easter. L  I have seen photos and she looks tiny!  5lb 13oz - I think that's reasonable for a fresh child, especially considering my sister is tiny.  But the important thing is my sister and the kid are healthy and all went well.

Now that's a good reason to celebrate :D

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SallyP said...

Well Happy Vernal Equinox! The temperature has reached into the 70's here in little ol' New England,and we are all in shock.