Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Norcon 2011

It was fab!  Organised by the Norwich sci-fi club, Norcon is a celebration of all things geeky.  The emphasis was on Dr Who and Red Dwarf but there was also comics nerdiness there, including Barry Kitson who pencilled JLA Year One (I didn't get a sketch, he was very busy and I didn't understand the queueing system, meaning that I inadvertently pushed right in to the front and then got very very embarassed).
There was also a writing fella named Simon Furman there who I didn't know, but we got chatting, and it turns out he wrote the 80s Thundercats comics.  Now that was the series that got me into comics, so you can imagine my glee at finding this out!   Anyway I told him this and also bought some signed transformers issues that he wrote as a gift for the boyfriend.

I of course bought some comics for myself too - Lobo and Black Orchid ones, and a Captain Britain one, on the recc of Anj from Supergirl Comic Box Commentary.  Captain Britain was surprisingly good, I haven't read the others yet.

I was at Norcon cos I was helping out on the Reynard City stand - we got lots of people interested in the project and even met a few fans! Some who remembered us from last year and some who met us for the first time.  Near enoguh everyone who came to the stand was postive about the comic, I got to chat comics and superheroes (DC, Marvel and webcomics) with so many people, young and older, my colleagues on the stall were brilliant.  We even made some links with industry people so the future is looking bright for Reynard City!  Professionally, it was a really successful day :D  I loved it!
Below the cut is lots of photos of Con wonderfulness.

This is a pic of Will who runs Reynard City:
See the half empty desk?  That's cos we sold lots of stuff. :D
Here are other photos of the stand:

Personally, the highlight of the day for me was seeing a Ted Kord Blue Beetle and a Red Robin cosplayer!  I think I made their days (well Ted's anyhow, Robin was a bit grumpy) as no one else recognised them.  Pictures below:

The costumes were made by Superman, the masks by Batman and Batman was true to character and cranky.  He didn't appreciate being told this....

Batman and Spider-Man had a fight and Bats won.. wevs..
Then there were the fan costumes:

I am definitely gonna be going back next year, if Rob will let me help out again I'm do the stall, if not, I'll go as a fan.  :D  If you're in the East of England or London way, you should come along and say hi!


ReynardCity said...

I had a great time, you and Jess both did me proud :D

Eyz said...

Barry Kitson was there? Nice :)

Looks like you guys had fun over there!
Aww.. I could get to one of these con's some day..

Ah Ted Kord!Blue Beetle cosplay! How cool is that XD
Now that's my kinda Justice League :P

Saranga said...

Come visit us next year Eyz!

Mark Dean - NORCON said...

Glad you enjoyed it - we're not professional event organisers, just a group of sci fi fans who want to put on a good show.

We raised over £4500 on the day for good causes and this will be split up equally and sent to our chosen charities that we support so thank you all for coming, you really have helped people at the same time as having a blast at a great event.