Thursday, September 01, 2011

Gross sexism comes to Outline

Outline is a local, free magazine for my city, Norwich.  Cover here:
It gives info on the club nights, the gigs, and up and coming fun events in the city.  It’s considered a bit alternative.
It has a jokes page, with stuff that’s a bit of a laugh, right?  Anyway August’s jokes were just chock full of  misogyny:
This is rape culture and this is the stuff that distresses me about modern life.  This is why I fill my blog roll and my twitter follows with people I trust who don’t perpetuate this shit or instead call it out, because otherwise the world’s just too damn depressing.
Thank you John Stewart.

EDIT - It looks like they have a facebook page and a twitter account.


Emma said...

I'm completely shocked that this was published! I mean, someone out there actually thought this was acceptable, and worse, funny. I'm actually lost for words, especially after that rape 'joke'. Disgusting.

Saranga said...

Just edited the post with links to their twitter and facebook pages. I have left comments on each.

SallyP said...

Yeah, that was pretty egregious.


notintheface said...

You won't think less of me for liking the Botox joke (the first one), will you?

The rest of 'em, though? Yecchh!