Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Equinox!

Today is the Autumn equinox, where the day and the night is of equal length.  I believe some people also refer to it as Mabon, Harvest or Herfest.  This year, I like 'Autumn Equinox' myself.

As this posts (at exactly 6 hours 5 minutes after sunrise and before sunset) I shall be preparing to go toa  friend's wedding where I am bridesmaid.  The wedding is taking place tomorrow, and initially I thought that tomrorow was the quinox, which made me think what a perfect day it would be to get married.  It's a day of balance and surely that's what a successful relationship should be about?  As it is, the equinox is the day before the wedding, nut no matter.  If we have to experience the dark, miserable days of winter I figure it's also pretty good to start the shortening days with a marriage ceremony to solidify the partnership and join you with someone who will supoprt you when it's cold, dank and wet oustide.

I came back from my week long holiday in France to find that the season had changed.  It was unmistakably Autumn when I arrived in Kent.  The leaves have turned and there was that cold snap in the air.  I shall celebrate this turning of the season with a (vegetarian) minestrone soup on the 22nd, a pre wedding meal onteh 23rd, and my friend's wedding on the 24th.  I love weddings and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get really soppy at this one.

Happy equinox everybody!

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