Monday, October 25, 2010

Runaways is building up to something

And I reckon it's Karoline and Nico getting together*.  From the Truth or Dare story, collected in Roock Zombies vol 10 (and reviewed by yours truly here) I give you:

Throughout the previous 9 volumes there have been a fair few other hints that Nico is going to realise she's in love with Karolina.  I don't think Karolina's going to reciprocate, because she's now got Xavin, and Karolain's a one woman kind of girl.  The above panel is very sweet tho.  Apart from Victor in the background there, he's leering.  There's always one isn't there?  Spoiling your photos, playing the fool.. I don't know...

*Yes I know I'm probably about a year behind everyone else.  But i've only read as far as vol 10.  Give me a break.


James Ashelford said...

It'd be nice to see some development of this sub-plot, or any Runaways sub-plot really. Its been too long since the series just... stopped.

Also, I am now banging my head against the desk because it was only at this very moment reading this post I realised that one of Marvel's most developed LGBT characters is a living bloody rainbow.

Saranga said...

oh god, I never noticed that. :/

mind you, i didn't notice that the recent supergirl/bizzariogirl cover was a yin yang symbol till you mentioned it on a post.

i'm very dense.