Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I think I'm going to a comic con

London MCM Expo to be exact.

Guess who's gonna be there?  Bernard Chang.  The new artist on Supergirl.  Got anything you think I should ask him?  I don't know what day I'm going yet, or what day he will be there, but fingers crossed the days will match up.  I'm going on the Saturday and he'll be there all weekend.  There's also a good chance I'll get all squealy and either stammer or try to be cool and end up being rude.  I'm not good with meeting famous folk.

My main problem is I can't find a bloody programme on the website.  I have no idea how Expo works so I don't know if Chang will be on a panel, or signing something, or doing commissions or what.
I emailed him on facebook and he said he'd be there all weekend and possibly doing some activites, I don't know what these will be.

I do know that I'll be going in a stealth Supergirl costume.  Which will probably not be all that stealthy.  Depends on if I wear the headband or not.

Anyone else gonna be going?

PS: Reckon should I bring up the pink Supergirl logo?  News has been out about it for about 6 hours, and already the internet has exploded.  Or at least, twitter has.  Opinions are divided.


Anonymous said...

Darn wish i could go, your probably already going to ask this but please ask him not to make Supergirl back into a slut, i hated that version!! Oh and also keep the short hair. I think that sounds good thank you!

LissBirds said...

Ooh! Have fun at the con!! I've always wanted to go to one.

I second what BugabooMonkey said about not making Supergirl a slut.