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So Cry for Justice huh?  I always like it when the blogosphere explodes, it's fun.  And Cry for Juastice has degenerated into being unbelieveably bad.  Issue #1 was a bit dull with nothing happening.  Issue #2 and #3 were hilarious.  #4 was boring.  Issue #5 had the Kara/Freddie kiss which didn't come to fruition and some truly bad costuming decisions for the ladies in the book.  Issue #6 had Donna being awesome and saving the day, which I loved - see posts with Cry for Justice labels for my previous reviews.  (And looking back through my old posts I've noticed some truly terrible typos - how do you all put up with me??!!)

Anyway, issue #7.  There's been a hullabaloo.  I was going to do a link round up but then I found out that WFA are doing Lian themed posts so I'm not gonna bother.

So, final issue, Prometheus is blowing up Star City, and many others, and all the the heroes in the DCU are out trying to fix this mess.  In the process, Lian dies.  Roy Harper's daughter, Green Arrow's granddaughter.  This allows Ollie to get very very angry and kill Prometheus at the end of the book, with an arrow to the head.

Lian didn't need to die for Ollie to get this angry, given the mood he's been in during the last few years of his run he could have got very angry over Roy losing his arm and thousands of people dying.
Lian was quite a cute character, there's not enough young kids of heroes in the DCU, and now there's one less.  Plus, given that a lot of us comics fans on the blogosphere harp on about wanting diversity in our comics, and I'm sure that DC are aware of this, to some degree, killing/getting rid of all the GA family kids (Sin, Lian, Connor), who just happen to not be white, seems a bit stupid.  I don't think DC are deliberately getting rid of the non white kids, but unfortunately this is what they have done.

Her death was treated as throwaway and used only as a tool to motivate the other heroes.  Or, Ollie.  Cos no one else is given time to give a shit.  I mean, if you're gonna try and positiona s a death as a pivotal moment in a story arc, at least demonstrate how it's affected the other protagonists, instead of just assuming all readers know who the kid is.

And, the whole issue was just badly executed.  Every hero is involved, but we don't know how.  I already blogged about the incredibly bad depiction of Mia, the women are all tits and ass with impossibly thin middles, Dinah is actually facepalming Lian's death, we don't get to see Roy's reaction to Lian's death, we don't spend long enough on her death, the art changes every few pages, Ollie does an inspirational speech which just comes off as cack handed and empty or devoid or all feeling, and not in an i'm so shocked i've just lost my gradnkid kind of way, and have I mentioned the bad art?

Some of the women's faces are just awful.  I think the pencillers decided to go with this approach to female faces - in that to make faces feminine you must draw fewer lines.  Hmmm.  I think someone needs to re-assess their definition of female.

I actually quite liked the last few pages, of Ollie killing Prometheus.  By this point I was convinced that Prometheus was a bad ass and so to see him get taken out like that was quite something.  Unfortunately the information about how Ollie got in to the other worldly dimensional portal was contained in the latest JLA issue, not this one.

So, more bad writing.  What a load of shit.  Still, I bought it, knowing it was gonna be rubbish, so I can't complain about it being a waste of money.  Although I feel I have every right to complain about it not being a good story.

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