Monday, June 08, 2009

Who says voting doesn't make a difference?

Due in part to Labour supporters not voting last Thursday we now have two BNP MEPs.

Two members of a fascist racist party representing us in Europe. because the Labour supporters in those areas didn't turn up to vote.

No matter how disgusted you are with the behaviour of the MPs, it doesn't make much sense to take it out on the European or County elections.

There are now no Labour led councils in the UK. None. When the next election is called it's gonna be a Tory victory. Then we'll be fucked.

The only good things to come out of these elections are that Norwich now has 7 Green County councillors, out of a total of 9, and a Deaf guy has been elected as an MEP in Hungary.

That doesn't make up for the BNP representing us.


laBiscuitnapper said...

Thank you.

cerebus660 said...

I must admit, as a long-time Labour supporter, I'm not too happy with the government at the moment, but that would never stop me voting, if only to prevent scum like the BNP from getting in. Scary times...