Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More BNP stuff - hopenothate and media coverage

Hope not Hate is a campaign run by Searchlight with the aims of countering racism and fascism in elections. They have a petition up which they will present to the European Parliament on the day that the 2 BNP members take their seats.

I urge all UK citizens to sign it.

I had actually seen a flyer by this campaign before the election. I had a brief look at it and put it to the side, I didn't actually think that they were serious contenders.

Please forward the link to your UK friends, put it on your facebook status, twitter it, post a link on your blog. The least we can do is stand up and say that racist fascists don't represent us.

And next time maybe ya'll should vote?

EDIT- I've been reading the Justice League Task Force run and one of the issues dealt with racism. The task force set out to find and stop a group who had bio-engineered a virus that would target the genes of non whites and melt them to death in a painful and prolonged fashion. The end result was that he unleashed the virus (in a confined air tight space) and himself melted as he evidently had non white ancestors.

In real life we don't have a task force, we do however have protestors who find where Nick Griffin is and pelt eggs at him. It's a start. It would be helped if more of the media had referred to the BNP as a fascist racist party in their pre-election coverage. I'm looking at you EDP who in a pre election guide to all the parties article, not only included the BNP but completely failed to label them racist or fascist, and presented them as a legitimate political party.

I should have complained. More shame on me for not.

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