Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coming out: Obsidian + Nuklon, Fire + Ice

I thought I’d share with you all some comings out scenes from comics.

First up, we have Obsidian (Todd) and Nuklon (?) (Albert) from the pages of Justice League America, #s 110 and 111 from 1996:

In the same run we have Ice (Sigrid) coming out (#110) and a hint that maybe Fire (Bea) isn’t as straight as we’d hitherto thought (#112) :

Was anything ever confirmed one way or the other with Bea?

Does anyone know of other coming out scenes in comics? I know of the Piper in the Flash v2 run - he came out to Wally but then it was ignored for quite a long while.

Speaking of the Flash, the end of the JLA run was very much about relationships. Yazz, a ‘lil blue alien spent a lot of time winding Wally up by refusing to state his/her sex:

We also had Constance (Crimson Fox) dealing with the animal inside her and sorting out her relationship with Metamorpho, Blue Devil dealing with the aftermath of his murder of Kid Devil’s aunt, Power Girl dealing with the birth and loss of her baby, Guy Gardener and Fire dealing with the loss of Ice.

I found it unusual, but enjoyable, to have the focus be so much on relationships and not big giant aliens. It wasn’t always written particularly well, sometimes it was handled clumsily, but overall we got a feeling of rawness and uncertainty. There were so many emotions in the air from nearly every member of the JLA.

The run ended with issues #113 and I can’t help but wonder if all this stuff was brought up because the League was about to be reincarnated.

Jeez, I'm such a cynic.

In other news, To egg or not to egg? The F Word debates the egging of BNP leader. I think I'm still for it. however I am not particularly fond of some of the self righteous comments popping up in that comment thread, nor this one. I appreciate Jess' comments about derailing, but it seems to me that some commenters are dismissing Lorna West because she's a Tory. That's not really on.


SallyP said...

This was an interesting period for the Justice League. The art was pretty gawdawful, but danged if there wasn't a whole lot of soap opera going on.

It wasn't as funny as the old JLI, but on the other hand, there was at least a whole lot more going on than the current JLA.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know that is Icemaiden not the original ice that's usually with the bob hair cut :)