Thursday, August 14, 2008

WFA's back!

Hurrah!! And it looks liek I'll be picking up Action Comics from now on. It's got Supergirl in it. And a really lovely drawn Kara at that. And what looks like irreverent wittiness as the dialogue.

I'd also like to point out these panels from a recent Hawkman comic. An example of truly truly bad writing. Who agreed to that?


Ami Angelwings said...

I'm guessing everybody is ignoring Joe Kelly's run (which is awesome) xD I rly liked that scene and Kara is adorable :D

However, if you included Kelly's run with her smoking, drinking, partying all around the world, getting tattoos, talking about piercings with Stargirl, the whole "I'm a hot girl in a t-shirt I can go newhere I want" etc etc.. it seems very unlikely that she's never ever heard of breast implants before o_O

Mind you that Kara wouldn't care about somebody and say that they might need to see a doctor either. xD

(Does Kara regularly x-ray ppl?)

Saranga said...

I had forgot about Joe Kelly's run too.
Maybe Kara was deliberately trying to wind up the other woman?

I view the different writers interpretation of Kara as her developing and growing as a person..albeit rather jerkily...