Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Something about this is just really lovely (The lady is working at a music store):

Customer: “Hi. I’m coming from the intersection at *** and ***. How would I get to your store from here?”
(I give the guy directions. I can tell he’s tuned me out after the first street or two. He then cuts me off before I finish.)
Customer: “Good, good! I got it. Thanks!” *hangs up*
(The phone rings again five minutes later.)
Customer: “Hi! I just called you a few minutes ago, asking for directions.”
Me: “I remember.”
Customer: “Yeah… I took that turn on *** like you said. Then I got lost again. I’m at *** and *** now.”
Me: “Okay…” *gives him directions again*
Customer: “Okay! I got it this time. Thanks!” *hangs up*
(Phone rings again five minutes later.)
Me: “Hi again. Where are you now?”
Customer: *laughs* “I’m at *** and ***.”
Me: “Okay. You’re almost here. Turn on *** and go straight until you see a gas station. We’re in the strip mall a little after it.”
Customer: “Okay!” *hangs up*
(Phone rings again five minutes later.)
Customer: “It’s me again! I’m at the gas station. I don’t see your store.”
Me: “We’re in the strip mall after the gas station, it’s down the road a little bit.”
Customer: “Oh! I see it. Okay, I’ll be right there.” *hangs up*
(Phone rings again five minutes later.)
Customer: “I’m in the strip mall now… and I don’t see your store. I’m gonna feel SO stupid if I’m in the wrong strip mall.”
Me: “At this point, I’m not even sure you’re in the right state.”
Customer: *laughs*
Me: “Okay. Do you see a donut shop?”
Customer: “Yes! I see a donut shop!”
Me: “Good. Drive to the donut shop. Now, do you see a cell phone store?”
Customer: “Yes! It’s next to the donut shop.”
Me: “Good. Drive to the cell phone shop. Now drive a little past that. Do you see the girl in the next store who’s on the phone and waving at you?”
Customer: “Yeah! Is that you?”
Me: “Yeah. Come on in…”

From notalwaysright.com Well worth a chuckle.

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