Monday, August 11, 2008

Things that make you go MMMMMMM (and ebay) Movies

At the very least, things that start with M, in a roundabout way.
Spoilers ahoy, for The Dark Knight and Hancock. .

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OK back to the actual point of this post.
I saw The Dark Knight. Fuck me, it's fantastic. I finally like a Batman movie. Hell, I even like Batman in this movie. Favourite parts? The potato peeler. The fact we have no back story for the Joker. The ways his plans were so delicately and precisely orchestrated, and made fools of everyone else. The detaisl of it. Jim Gordon - wonderful tache! The normalcy of it. I mean, I can see a guy like the Joker turning up on the streets somewhere. It wouldn't be too outlandish. Aaron Eckhart was good. I experienced a moment of joy when I realised it was him from The Core, my favourite movie.
Maggie Glylenhall was also very good, there's alot of substance to her. Unlike the woman from the first film, who was awful.
I gather people have talked about the WiR aspect of killing off Rachel. It didn't bother me. It didn't feel cheap, we got to know her first, it wasn't sexualised, and yes her death was there solely to drive the plot forward and create Two Face, but it wasn't gratitutous.
Tis a shame Montoya wasn't included. Or Babs.

I also saw Hancock. An enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours. Had a twist I didn't see coming.
One of my non comicy friends said a whiel ago that he thought it was a pretty good concept for a movie - the flawed superhero. I imemdiately thought, but we've already got lots of them. And watching the movie Hancock reminded me of Guy Gardner. Ok, so Guy's way more arrogant and confident, Hancock is fundamentally lonely. But they're assholes in very similar ways.
Hancock's outfit just reminded me of the 90s Nightwing outfit. I say FAIL.


Lord Runolfr said...

The Core is your favorite movie?

That just hurts.

Saranga said...

It's one of my favourite movies.
I know it's entirley factually inaccurate. I know it's ridiculous, but I really really like it. I love disaster movies. And the ship is made of Unobtanium! It cracks me up, every time. And there's a really good rant by the cigarette smoking guy.
You should also know that when I watch films I don't want to be challenged, I want to sit down and relax and be entertained. I have my work and my books to keep me mentally geared up. Movies are my downtime.
(What if the core was made of cheese?!)

Ami Angelwings said...

Montoya was supposed to be included but b/c her character would have been the one who betrayed the heroes to Joker, it was changed to an original character (Ramirez) instead. :o

I didn't have a problem with Rachel Dawes' death either :o

Saranga said...

To Ami:
You know, I thought that may have been the case. I spent the first half of the film going it's gotta be Montoya!, until the betrayal. Cos Reenee wouldn't do that. And it makes sense that they would make it another character. There's no way Renee would betray anyone like that. Or would she?
(excuse any nonsensical errors, I've been out with friends in the pub.)

Ami Angelwings said...

No, she wouldn't. :] I was wondering, was the big cop that kept showing up (and who tried to beat up the Joker and failed) supposed to be Harvey Bullock? I dun remember them ever saying his name but it rly seemed like he was supposed to be Harvey :O