Monday, July 28, 2008


There's gonna be a new Cloak & Dagger mini! Hurrah!!! As you can guess I'm rather keen on these two. It seems that Valerie D'Orazio will be writing it. I quite enjoy her blog, but have no idea whether she'll make a good comics writer or not - she used to edit at DC, JLA and Identity Crisis. And it looks like they'll have a manga style artist in. Which I'm not convinced about, we'll see.
On the plus side, that's a woman writer, artist AND inker. Rock on. Of course I know this doesn't mean the story will be better than in men wrote it, but it's nice to see the comics world opening up (more) to women.

And Neil Gaiman doing a Batman comic? That should be goooood. Neil Gaiman is wondrous. Check out American Gods if you haven't already - (see, I read actual novels sometimes too!)

Today I read Joker's asylum - Scarecrow - very good! lovely art! and Superman 678 - still loving Renato Guedes art, and Supergirl is in the next issue, hooray! Trinity is still rubbish, I only read half the comic. Can't be arsed to read the rest. maybe on the weekend.
I also watched more Buffy and got to evil leather clad vampire Willow episode - Dopplegangland. every time I watch that I'm more and more impressed by the writers and by Alyson Hannigan. And also more lecherous, but that's an aside.

Finished reading Nightwing yesterday. My my, he's a self involved angsty sort of chap isn't he? Am on to reading Batgirl (Cass) then it will probably be Harley Quin. Then I'm not sure, Green Arrow or Wonder Woman? Old Matrix Supergirl issues? Decsions decisions...


Lord Runolfr said...

I rather liked the first Cloak & Dagger series when I read, OMG, back in the 80's, was it? It was good for about a year, I think, before the writing staff changed. Isn't that the way these things always go?

Ami Angelwings said...

I'm interested to see how she handles it :)

Saranga said...

Now I'm getting rather excited by the art.

Actually I'm just excited full stop.

Lord R: Yep there was a series in the 80s. It lasted about 18 issues. There were other minis too but i think that was the longest running one. I located some copies a few months back and I did rather like all of it but unfortunately it was a bitty collection - all odd numbers so I only got bits of story arcs.