Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Renee Montoya

Possibly a stupid question. What ethnicity is she meant to be? Cos I'm reading Batgirl now and she looks to be drawn white. I've seen her in other comcis and I thought she was black. Then I've read on the internets she's hispanic.

Now I feel kinda daft for even having to ask this question, but I reckon the DC editors should feel even dafter for not having her drawn consistently.

Someone help me out here?

And talking of Batgirl, Cassandra's intense isn't she?! This series is providing more ammo for my Batman is a jerk view. More on that later when I don't have an exam the next day.


Ami Angelwings said...

I think she's hispanic :o

From The Roar of Comics:

Some people remember she's Hispanic (Dominican, to be exact).

So I guess that solves that? :D

Ami Angelwings said...

Also good luck on your exam :D

Saranga said...

Thanks for answering the Renee qustion and also for the exam lucks! It went ok. I shall be sure to post and be happy if the results turn out to be good :)

Eric said...

Just because she's hispanic, doesn't mean she's not caucasian, so maybe everyone's right.

(Mind you, I thought she was generally what I think they'd call, in Spanish, mestizo, of mixed heritage--Spanish and Amerind, plus maybe some African descended heritage, too).