Friday, July 18, 2008

Trinity number 6 or arrrggh I'd like to tear my hair out now

Someone remind me why I'm still reading this. Oh yes I know, I'm a completest and I'm going to buy the first 12 issues then leave the rest and possibly pick up the trades. Despite the fact I'm really not liking it.
Again, this weekly series is meant to set out Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman's place in the Dc Universe. Establish why they are the big 3. establish why they are so important. And so far we've seen Supes treat Wondie like she's a 5 yr old and a rather interesting new character called tarot. Who I still like.
However, in this issue, we see Tarot establishing how the big 3 relate to Truth, Justice and the American way, and we see them all working out what they mean as a trinity, or unit of 3, and how they relate to each other. Which is where it all gets fucking stupid.

Diana starts it off. 'It's not just what we stand for separately. Whatever it is, it's about the 3 of us a group - about the relationships between us. the two of you are friends. but not always easy one. and I've briefly been romantically attached to each of you. Which I find interesting since you ares o different.'
(emphasis mine)

She's been relegated to a fucking romantic interest! She's Wonder Woman! An Amazon! Once goddess of truth! From an island of women! And now she can only see herself as a romantic interest!
She then goes on to say:
"Clark, you are a solid supportive man. Kind, and giving of yourself - Good husband material - as they say in those magazines of Etta's.....
Bruce Wayne though? Bruce is a thrill dangerous, exciting but not Long term. You've given all your focus to your mission, and there's little left for ties beyond that."
(emphasis mine again)

Arrrrgggggh. is this really how she stands? Is that really how she sees herself? And them?
Nothing about her friendship with them coming first? nothing about Bruce and Clark's romantic relationship (come on you know there's subtext there) No no no it's all about how she crushes on them but they're not suitable. What the fuck?
Now there's nothing wrong with being a romantic interest, but to position Diana as so, in a series which is defining these 3 heroes, (and yes I know it's only 7 weeks in and there's a lot more tog o, but this is establishing the bounds of their relationships and tie snow), is incredibly fucking reductionist.

I thought we'd moved past the men and women can't be friends thing. She fights side by side with them in battle. She's trusted and respected. Except apparently not in this. Bollocks to you.

Diana of Themyscria. Defining herself by who she's fucked.

Maybe there's been a weird Marvel/Dc crossover and this Diana is a skrull. I can only hope so.


Annalea_sea said...

Hey, just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your blog through your Buffy/Firefly and feminist post, and have really enjoyed reading a number of posts. I'm kind of a vicarious comics reader (ie, other people read them and then talk about them), so I'm enjoying your feminist take on them.

Saranga said...

Thanks! *blushes* I has a reader!

Ami Angelwings said...

wtf o_o

Diana sees her relationships with her comrades thru the lens of Cosmo o_O;;

"Good husband material!" "Fun but not long term"

Rly? o_O I thought usually she saw her compatriots thru how effective and trustworthy they were as teammates and fellow heroes and warriors :O

I rly hate this "one universal female pov" idea some writers have where "oh all women are women who read cosmo, think about relationships 24/7 and care only about dating" >:\

Ami Angelwings said...

I chose not to start Trinity b/c of how bad Countdown was and me not wanting to spend another 156 dollars on another year long series and I'm glad I didn't now >.>