Thursday, May 18, 2006

And another thing...

I have recently been reading some blogs talking about the role and presentation of women in comics. Now, being a big comic fan, and a big feminist this has set me to thinking.

I am not very good at automatically picking out the objectifying parts of the art work. I think this may be because my first reaction is oooh pretty woman, let's gaze in adoration. I usually pick things up on the second or third read if at all. Which is kinda sucky really.

Just re-read Superman: Birthright. Now, they have written a pretty good Lois in. She isn't made to look cheap, she loks like a professional adult woman. Hooray I hear you shout. But you also notice the depcition of Superman's birth mother. She lives in a very technologically advanced society. You presume they are socially advanced, have equality etc. Yet her outfit is tight around the bust and shows off half her boobs. They are the first thing you see.
Glad to see that in tomorrow's world women ares till nothing more than a set of boobs.

It was however refreshing to see a version of events which hold's that Superman's mother was the one pushing for his survival, his being sent away in the pod.

And don't get me started on Y the last man. Wonderfully written. Realistically written. Good characters. Yet none of the women seem to wear bras. Hmmmm. We need more women in comics.


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