Monday, July 27, 2020

SPN Season 3, eps 12 and 13

Brief post today.  I want to continue reading a 65k fic I'm nearly halfway through.

Ep 12 - Jus in Bello
(un) Cool Fact.  It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise that the Italian JIB con was named after this ep.
Bela sets the brothers up so that FBI Agent Henrikson can arrest them.  They are taken to the police station where we discover demons have possessed some of the coppers.  A demon shoots Dean, kills most of the people in the station and Henrikson and the few others left alive are beseiged, alongside the brothers.  Henrikson et al finally believe in demons and after much discussion covering areas such as it is ok to sacrifice a virgin to save the rest of them, the demons are exorcised via the exorcism ritual being played over the station's PA system.  I like this method of getting rid of them, I find it ingenious.
At the end Lilith demon turns up, in the form of a little girl,and blows up the station, killing Henrikson.  I am not amused by this, I like Henrikson and wanted him kept around.

There's a nice I Shot The Sheriff line, delivered excellently by Dean.

Ep 13 - Ghostfacers
I think I skipped this one.  As memory serves, Sam and Dean are great in it, but the Ghostfacers team are unbearably annoying.  If anyone wants to know what happens go read the Super wiki summary here.


Cassiopeia7 said...

Jus in Bello was the first SPN ep I ever saw “live.” Was flipping channels and caught it by accident. The boys (and yes, the recorded exorcism) lured me in right away, and by the final scene, I was hooked. Spent the rest of that summer catching up with the episodes that came before, then bingeing S1 and 2 off Netflix. Loved Henriksen, too — I still wish they hadn’t killed him off. 😢

Saranga said...

It is really very very good!