Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pregnancy after still birth: 36 weeks 6 days

I weigh 12stone 3lbs and a quarter. I've put on 2 stone and a quarter pounds. With C, I put on 2 and a half stone.
My bump measures between 36 and 37 cm. With C I don't think I got above 34 or 35, and this baby is likely to be a similar weight, if not a bit smaller.
From 36weeks 0 days i've been expressing colustrum. It takes an hour to get 0.8ml and I've done that 5 times now. I am informed this is good.
I noticed the baby practicing breathing a couple of days ago. It's a rhytmic movement, not as jerky and quick and hiccups,and would look a little like gadpung if the baby was out. At the last scan we saw the baby's abdomen moving, doing the same thing. This is a good sign.
All ctgs are normal and healthy.
At 36 weeks 5 days I had a sweep and this morning my mucus plug came away.  (Edit - the next morning more cane away, on two different occasions, and was bloody).
 With this and the colustrum harvesting I'm hoping induction will be quick, although it could still take 5 days.
My hospital bag is packed and in the car.  I just need to add pilloows, towels and some more snacks.
I've felt a lot heavier this last week and groin is painful, although it's from pressure from the baby's head, not pelvic girdle pain, which I can be grateful for. My indigestion is horrible. My hips hurt more at night. My nose is more sensitive (or there's more smelly people on the bus).  I've been getting Braxton Hicks contractions since 36 plus one. I put all this down to the expressing and the sweep, producing hormones that are getting things going.
My freezer is full of food for us, and a tray of colustrum filled syringes for the baby.  Tonight we clear up the house.
Now to survive the next few days until the baby arrives.

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