Monday, May 11, 2015

Pregnancy after stilbirth: 27 weeks 6 days

Had a midwife appointment yesterday and she's had my glucose tolerance test (GTT, to test for gestational diabetes) and general blood results back.  I don't have diabetes, I'm not anemic, I don't have antibodies and my blood group hasn't changed.

The urine test showed that I have leukocytes and ketones in my piss, so she thinks I may have a UTI, so I've been ordered to drink tons of water and cranberry juice, and if I get any symptoms (burning when I wee, pain in bladder/pelvic area) to bring in a wee sample for testing.  I have another midwife appointment in a few days (part of my regular weekly ones) so they'll check my pee again then.

She measured my bump and the baby is now at the 95th percentile, when it was at the 10th on the previous 2 scans.  So either it's grown massively over the last week or I have lots of other stuff in there.  Dunno.  The bump measurement is only a guideline, the scans are far more accurate.  Of course I'm now worrying the baby is going be huge and I'm going to get a 4th degree tear.  My midwife said there are lots of reasons why women tear, it's not all about baby size, it's do with their position, speed they come out, my pelvis position, the position I'm in, loads of stuff. She said it's important to listen to the midwife's instructions when in labour - when she says pant, I need to pant, when she says push, I need to push.  No one told me to pant with C but my midwife said that was a different case so I wouldn't have been told to pant.  I have no idea why.  To me his labour was straightforward and easy.  I need to find out why I wasn't told to pant.

I'm getting more scared of labour.  If it's as straightforward and quick as last time, I'll be fine. if it's longer, I'm terrified.  I'm not sure I know how to do this anymore.

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