Monday, October 20, 2014

DC's My First Book of Girl Power

I am absolutely thrilled! DC are starting to publish more books for little kids. They aren't quite comics, but that doesn't bother me.  I saw this on the Women Write About Comics website and promptly told various twitter friends about it.

Here's some picture samples:

Isn't is great? Here we have something for little girls, that isn't pink (ignore the cover, it;s not fully pink!), that doesn't patronise them, that celebrates them and teaches them they are worthy. The art is gorgeous stock art from the 70s so there's no issues with the characters being sexy.  Here we have an educational book saying that girls are heroes. This is amazing!

I've pre-ordered 3 copies - one for nw, one fir my 2 and a half year old niece and one for my friends' daughters - aged 2 and 5.  Both UK and US Amazon stores have it available.

Earlier this week I'd seen DC's Busy Bodies, which I have also ordered. I'm not sure what age is it aimed at but samples from inside show that it's DC characters talking g about what they use parts of the bodies for, e.g. Aquaman uses his arms to swim. So I'm guessing it's for a young kid, maybe toddlers.  When I get it I will review it.  Here are some samples:


I am so pleased that DC is now doing this sort of thing. I can't help but wonder if this means they might reprint their super dictionary. You can read the whole thing on a tumbl here, but I really want a physical copy.  Having said that, I did just find this - is it the same thing?  How exciting!


SallyP said...

These are great! Let's get the little kids into this...they can't rely on us old farts forever!

Eyz said...

Is it only me... or does it looks like recycled art from the Super Dictonary to anyone else?