Friday, October 17, 2014

Clothes and stuff

A little while ago I was blathering about how to make a casual Wonder Woman costume.  I am now really nearly rely ready to learn how to use my sewing machine - I have a friend coming over next weekend to teach me and everything.

I want to know how to use my sewing machine for two reasons.
- To be able to make costumes. These would be for cons and for everyday casual costumes. I'd like to be able to amend my Aquaman costume so I could wear it while not pregnant. I'd like to customise a red vest so it becomes a Cassandra Sandsmark vest.

- To have clothes that fit me and that I can get fairly easily. Before getting pregnant I was an hourglass shape.  This makes it really hard to find clothes that fit, because I have large breasts, wide hips and a small waist and apparently clothes designers can't cope with this. Bugger off clothes designers.

Post pregnancy I am more pear shaped, because like every other mother my middle has puddled into pudding. I suspect that given time, exercise and a less cake filled diet my pudding will reduce but I won't ever be a pure hourglass shape again. This is fine, I'm not complaining and I don't for one second regret getting pregnant.

On my way down to reduced pudding status I am somewhat limited in my clothes that fit me.  Clearly I don't want to wear maternity clothes. Equally I don't want to buy lots more new clothes.
This is my wardrobe and contains everything that fits me and some that doesn't:

(Note: needs more leopard print)

I have lots of colour. Most of my tops and skirts are colourful and patterned so nothing matches and my jeans are too small for me. So today I went and bought a black Lycra miniskirt. I bet some people would think it isn't appropriate for a 34 year old mother, but to them I say bugger off. I like tight clothes. I like short skirts.

Where am I going with this post? I don't know. I think that I will take photos of stuff I do make and blog them.  I would like to paint batwoman symbols on my leather gloves but I don't know how to do this.

I want to blog about stuff that interests me and over the last few months I've lost interest in comic reviews. I want to concentrate my reviewing on new readers stuff, not the regular weeklies. Although I might occasionally have thoughts on them. This post was inspired by me wanting to do a public picture of my wardrobe, and I have no idea why I wanted to do that.

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