Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm selling comics

It's clear out time again.  Here is a link to what I'm selling on ebay.

Included are:
Animal Man - born to be wild.  This followed Grant Morrison's run and continued the weirdness.  It's good, but I have it digitally so can afford to be rid of the hardcopy.
The Books of Magic - Vol 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7.  These are great, particularly volume 1, but I think I've only read them twice in the 10 years I've had them.  Review of volume 1 here.
Zatanna's search - This introduced Zee into the DC Universe. Silver aged fun.
JLA - the greatest stories ever told.  A decent enough retrospective, but not for me.
JLA - the hypothetical woman.  By Gail Simone.  Very Simoney.  Pity I'm not a great fan of hers.
Promethea volume 1 - absolutely gorgeous artwork (see here) but ultimately I don't re-read it enough to justify keeping it.  I kept it for sentimental reasons - one of the first trades I ever bought and it blew my mind.
Conan vol 1 and vol 3 - really, really good adaptations of the Conan stories.  Sexy and adventurous and full of barbarians!  See my review here.
Put the book back on the shelf - an anthology of stories inspired by Belle and Sebastian. Heaven knows why I bought this, I don't even like Belle and Sebastian that much.
Red Skull incarnate - I bought this to match Magneto - Testament. It's OK, but not as powerful.
Daredevil: Redemption - I think this is about rednecks in an American town. I could be wrong.  Been years since I read it.
Daredevil: Wake Up. Now this is beautiful. It's drawn by David Mack and it breaks my heart to read it.  So I haven't read it many times.  Review is here.
JLA: Riddle of the beast. Elseworld's tale, gorgeous gorgeous artwork. Review here.
Superman: Daily Planet. I honestly don't remember much about this book.  I think it's set around the DP staff, not Supes himself.  Jimmy Olsen is in it a lot (I think).  I don't like Olsen.  That's why I'm getting rid of it.
Captain Britain and MI:13 - Secret Invasion.  This surprised me, I never thought I could like a character called Captain Britain, but Paul Cornell writes this and it's really darn enjoyable.
Thor vol 1 by Straczynski - this had high praise in reviews but didn't do much for me.  People who are more marvelites than I would get more out of it.

Please consider bidding and or sharing this sale. Ask me questions here or via ebay. It's the boyfriend's ebay account so mention this blog and he'll know I sent you.


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