Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Aquaman costume - progress!

It begins!!

Sexy, yeah?

It's the start of my Aquaman costume.  This version:
I bought the knitted beard last year and I found the wig on ebay (with help from Jennie of Fancy Dresscapades - she gave me advice on buying wigs and found the wig for me on ebay, thanks Jennie!).

I'm going to buy a fake pirates hook this evening then will try and customise it to make it as close to the proper shape as possible.  I don't know how well this work.

I was going to try and make the costume, but I didn't want the stress of coming up with something presentable.  Instead I am commissioning the trousers and top from Too Many Heroes (facebook and twitter).  I've seen photos of some of their other work and very impressed with it.  So far they've been great to work with and I'm really looking forward to the finished product.

I'm going to make the 'A' belt buckle.  I've not decided what material I'll use yet.

As for shoes, the trousers will end at the ankle so I'll probably just wear sandals.  I don't really want to fork out for new shoes for one day, and I can't think what would best go with the costume.  So plain sandals it is.

Re the wig, I'm not entirely sure the wig is the right size, it may be a little small.  I've only tried it on a couple of times and it's possible that I'm just not used to wearing wigs (I've never had one before) but it doesn't feel very secure.  I also feel like a bit of charlie in it.  I'm planning the costume for London Super Comic Con in March, and I'll be going with friends who won't be dressed up, so I don't want to feel stupid.  I may just wear the beard instead.  Yes, I realise the beard is silly too, but it's meant to be silly. I don't want to be a deadly serious con goer.  I like dressing up in silly costumes and having a fun day out, that's it.

In good news, Peter David, who wrote this incarnation of Aquaman, will be at the con, so I'm really excited to go meet him, in my full get up.  It will be the first time I'll have met a creator while dressed as one of their creations, so I'm hoping he'll like what I've done.

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SallyP said...

This is pretty darned impressive so far!

It's going to be wonderful, I am sure.