Saturday, November 09, 2013

Linky time

This will just be a list of things that caught my attention lately.  A long list.

Why zombies wouldn't survive long.  Or, why wildlife is bloody awesome:

A story that demonstrates brilliantly why teachers should be trained and regulated:

My Lai, sexual assault and the black blouse girl.  It's an explanation of a famous picture from the Vietnam war. ***Trigger warning***  Once you read the article the picture becomes even more upsetting.

Fantagraphics kickstarter for their 2014 Spring season:
An interview with one of the Fantagraphics guys explaining why they are doing this:

Aquaman marries Spider-Man!!  On a cake at least.  This is a great story.

Chinese movie theatre displays slashy Thor poster:

Independent bookstores can now sell kindles and earn 10% of profits from future ebook sales:
This is an amazing move and I'm so pleased they've gone down this route!  I hope it's not just limited to the United States.

An alternate Silver Banshee cover for Superman Unchained, sadly, it's not a Banshee story inside:

The set of the TV show The Addams Family, photographed in colour, it's quite pink:

The most revolting article I've ever read about food.  It talks about blood soup and maggot cheese.  It's really rough.

Possibly the best thing on the internet.  25 autocorrect fails:

Interview with Cher where she talks about Miley Cyrus, vocoders and Salvador Dali giving her a vibrator (or not):

Hope you've enjoyed them all!

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SallyP said...

Aquaman and Spider-Man? That's adorable.