Sunday, November 24, 2013

Link time!

I keep seeing cool things I want to talk about but not finding the time to do a proper post.  So here comes another link list:
Lesbians in Archie comics discussing the stress of a closeted relationship:
Advert advocating engineering toys for girls!
Or rather, trying to sell engineering toys for girls.  It’s an ace advert, go watch.
How to submit writing samples to comic publishers:
Steampunk variant covers for DC:
Fantagraphics kickstarter:

Loki meets some school kids and pushes one of them off her seat:
New Ms Marvel:
I’m dead excited about this.
DC moves to the west coast:
I feel sorry for the staff who now have to choose to relocate or lose their jobs.
Marvel animal variants:

A write up of the kid book group comics discussion from last week:

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