Saturday, September 22, 2012

Link time!

Several things I've seen that I want to pass on -
Landry Walker and Eric Jones talk about the delays on Danger Club - the delays came about because two of the colorist's kids got hit by a car while our cycling recently.  Obviously, this struck a nerve with me.  Motorists - drive more carefully will you?  And cyclists?  Wear helmets, please.

Comic booked redesigns the DCU - a twitter friend of mine has started redesigning the DCU, for fun.  That link will take you to his Wonder Woman redraw.  I really like it.  Incidentally, this is the same guy that drew me this piece of art, which is now hanging on my wall.

An article on how racism works in the comics industry - it's not as simple as one person yelling racial slurs.

Gendercrunching in the comics industry - Comics creators broken down by gender and race.  I'd really like to see similar stats for the staff at Marvel and DC - the editors and publishers and administrators and suchlike.  I'd also like to see how it's broken down by staffing level.

How not to write comics criticism - and if you don't read comics but are interested in them, have a gander and you'll probably learn more about the medium.

Why I'm not going to pick up the Amyethst book, despite the preview looking all kind of awesome.  Seriously writers, stop with the rape tropes.

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