Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coming out in comics: Black Cat

This probably isn't news to anyone else but as I don't read much Marvel I don't know a whole lot about the Black Cat.  I have heard rumours that she's bisexual but I only got proof of this when I read the MC2 Spider-Girl series.  In it, Felicia Henderson is now 40 something and has a teenage daughter called Felicity.  They don't have a great relationship.  Before this particular issue, we had hints that Felicity was unimpressed with her mother's love life, but we didn't know for sure who her partner was until this page, from Spider-Girl 53:

Ok, so it's not explicit, and I guess that if you were particularly blinkered and maybe naive you wouldn't see it, but it's fairly clear that Felicia and the woman in the top right hand panel have just moved apart from a romantic clinch.  And that Felicity isn't too happy about it.  Nothing more has been said about this, and seeing as I'm now at issue 73 ish I don't hold out much hope for this being looked at again.  We shall see.


Buttonhat said...

Thanks for uploading the page!
Well, it is not the first time that it is actually mentioned she is gay, but I believe it is the first time you actually see her with a partner. (Although this is not the Mainstream Universe.)
She implied once in a while that she likes girls too, though. In the mainstream universe I mean. For example "It's been a long time since I head a boyfriend or a girlfriend" is a pretty famous quote from her that Black Cat Fans always use to prove this. I am not an expert, I can't remember what her exact words were or in which comic she said that. Also (if you ask me), I feel like a lot of the very sexy girls in the Marvel Universe are into other girls from time to time or kiss them or make nasty jokes or comments or whatever, because it's hot. Fanservice etc.

Buttonhat said...

"(...) *had a boyfriend or a girlfriend"


Saranga said...

Thanks for the comments! I tend to use this series for whenever I first come across panels which confirm a character is gay or bisexual. Which isn't always the first time the character themselves comes out.

I think my title is a misnomer. But it draws attention to the character and then we get debate and extra information, which works well for me!

Ps: lol at your Freudian slip ;)

Unknown said...

I personally believe that Felicity Hardy is not Flash Thompson's daughter; rather she's Mayday's half-sister. I say that because Felicia is a person who might have obtained Peter's sperm sample while they had their relationship and placed it at the sperm bank awaiting for the moment to have the doctors impregnate her with it. This might made things very complicated for Peter as Felicia got what she really wanted from him all along : to be the mother of his child. Why else would Felicity fell a very strong bond with Mayday Parker and the Spider-Costume instead of her mother's Black Cat suit? She's Peter's biological offspring rather than Flash. This would mean that her natural hair color is the same as Peter's: brown, in which she dyes it blonde. Cool huh ?