Sunday, June 17, 2012

Catwoman 0

I really want to know how that cover got created.  It's obvious that effort has gone into it, because the colours and inks and her face shape are lovely.  And we know Guillem March can draw decent looking sexy women.

I mean, I wonder if he drew something more anatomically accurate first, then was told to make it more sexy.  It's just bizzare.

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Neil said...

When I saw that cover, it honestly didn't occur to me that she was meant to be physically attractive. I thought it was meant as a Giger-esque melding of the beautiful and the horrific (I'm not just being sarcastic, that's the actual impression I got). Then I read the posts complaining, and I thought "wait, hold on, that was actually meant to be sexy!?"

Your theory makes sense - no-one can really have thought that image was pretty, surely?